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Name: Marketing Brother
Activity: Marketing Company
Business Type:
Country: Canada
City: Toronto

Professional Summary

Marketing Brother specializes in delivering comprehensive marketing services for start up and young technology companies to maximize your company visibility, market recognition and most importantly, sales.

In the modern times of instant ideas and rapid development thousands of new companies are born each year. Vast majority of them are so focused on product delivery and sales, that proper marketing is neglected. This results in missed opportunities, mispresented image and skewed reputation. As you may have experienced, hiring a professional marketing team is not economical in the first few years.

Marketing Brother will support your business through its first years to find the right market positioning, properly frame your product or service offering and ultimately generate more sales


Employee Testimonials

No Name Club
July 28, 2009

We are working with Marketing Brother for print advertizing and web marketing. They are very competent in current industry trend...

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